Collaboration Music

“On The Wheel”

I have been involved in various international collaborative projects where a lot of communicative competences as well as cross-cultural aspects come in to play. The making of the EP “On The Wheel” is an example of a self-driven initiative that have led me to evolve and improve my communicative and cooperative skills.
Music video for our single “Passenger Seat”

In 2016, at the age of 19 years, i started working with an aspiring rapper named Ian Spaulding (Sincere) form the outskirts of Detroit, Michigan. We had briefly interacted through the platform Soundcloud and quickly gained mutual interest based on our endeavours and like-minded passion and ambition in regards to music. In this case Hip-Hop music. The musical compatibility and chemistry between us turned out to foster the idea of a project that would manifest itself and ultimately allow us to meet each other. Shortly after we started working on our EP, we were booked to perform at SPOT Festival in Aarhus, Denmark, May, 2017.

Our project was featured on the magazine “The Source”, where an interview was conducted.

After their arrival to Denmark we had 3 weeks to record our EP and rehearse for our show. My role as a producer expanded in the sense that i had to accommodate and work with foreign musicians that i’d never met in person. I also independently had to facilitate an adequate environment for which music could be made. This accounted for the accessibility of facilities required to produce, record and rehearse, but also the arrangement of accommodation, general management of our schedule, whilst engineering and producing during the sessions.